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2017 Reach the Beach Nutrition Challenge

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When: April 3rd – May 19th (info session Sunday April 2nd @ 1:30pm)

Cost: $95

What you get:

  • Before and after InBody composition testing
  • Dietary guidelines and general FAQs
  • Diet template
  • Unlimited email access to coaching staff
Sign-up now: (click on the CLASS SESSIONS link)
This challenge is entirely based on macros! You will be provided specific macronutrient totals based on your demographics, activity level, and body composition goal for the challenge.
The diet template will provide the structure for how to meet your specific protein, fat, and carbohydrate numbers daily and also guidance for how to fill and time each of your meals surrounding your workouts.
Although this is a macro-based challenge, we strongly challenge members to follow paleo and/or eat real and whole food sources to meet their macro numbers throughout the challenge. A more specific dietary guideline will be provided to participating members.
To determine Old Line’s “biggest transformation,” points will be accumulated over the 7 weeks in the following categories: participation, meeting macro numbers, and body composition change. We will be utilizing the MyFitnessPal app for logging and tracking food, macros, and nutrition points throughout the challenge. Specific point breakdowns will be provided to participating members.
Our overall goal is to get you consistently consuming the proper amounts of nutrients and types of food that your body needs, which sequentially will lead to decreasing body fat and increasing lean muscle. Interested members should sign up through Wodify and email OLDLINENUTRITION@GMAIL.COM with the following information:
What your daily activity is like (i.e. desk job, spend the day on your feet, etc.),
How many days a week you typically workout and for how long
GENERAL Goal (i.e. fat loss, muscle gain, or composition).