Jump Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Our Ruckfit program challenges the application of your current training regiment! We remove the constraints of barbells, dumbbells, and staying indoors while you train. We implement tools such as sandbags, tires, log carries, buddy carries, and other odd objects to really test your fitness in a "real world" environment. Step out of your training comfort zone and step up to the Ruckfit challenge!

Teamwork is Key

Ruckfit will turn your typical view of fitness upside down! It is no longer you against a clock or having to find the motivation to push yourself during a workout. In our Ruckfit classes, teamwork is paramount. A team is greater than the sum of its parts. Work alongside your fellow class mates to complete the task(s) that are set before you in each class. Be ready to surprise yourself with what you are capable of doing.

Still not sure you are ready for Ruckfit?

Head over to our "New to CrossFit" page to start your fitness journey! We can teach you the basics movements that you will encounter during your time at Old Line CrossFit.

  • Every Saturday at 8am
  • Class runs for 90 minutes
  • Turn off the clock and focus on the tasks ahead. Move at whatever pace needed!
  • Meet other people at the gym as you work along side them to complete various tasks
  • Never get bored in your training! Ruckfit consistently implements new challenges each week so you’ll always have something new to challenge you each week
  • Ruckfit is included in our monthly membership price, or it is $50/month as a standalone class.

- Team Old Line