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Judgement Free Zone

Chickfit is perfect for any level of fitness. We can teach you the basics of weight training or help you ramp up your current routine! Chickfit takes the components of CrossFit that make it insanely effective and presents them in manageable portions to help you achieve all of your fitness goals. We program these classes specifically to target those "trouble" areas— midsection/core work, upper body strength, and flexibility to get you moving pain free again!

Same Results. Zero Intimidation.

We wanted to create a program that catered specifically to the needs of our female clientele. Have no fears of getting "bulky" or having to navigate around guys lifting without their shirts on. This is your class, ladies. Enjoy all the benefits that CrossFit has to offer without worrying about the "intimidation factor" that surrounds most group fitness classes. Trust us, everyone is here to help each other reach their fitness goals! Get your foot in the door with Chickfit first and we are sure you’ll start wanting to jump into our full classes in no time ;)

Still not sure you are ready for Chickfit?

Head over to our "New to CrossFit" page to start your fitness journey! We can teach you the basics movements that you will encounter during your time at Old Line CrossFit.

  • Evening classes: Monday and Wednesday at 8pm
  • Morning classes: Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30am
  • Chickfit classes are INCLUDED in our monthly membership, or they are $79/month by themselves
  • All the results of CrossFit with none of the intimidation
  • Only female coaches and athletes
  • No other programs run at these times so the gym is all yours!
  • Kids area available for your kids to hang out in while you workout!
  • Perfect for ANY skill level

**This is NOT required for you to do before attending a Chickfit class**

- Team Old Line