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April Athlete of the Month– Jacy Kuhlman

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-How old are you?

– I am 17 years old, I will be 18 in July.

-What sports have you played or do you play?

-I play ice hockey for the Pittsburgh Penguins Elite U19 girls team. Growing up I played hockey, soccer, gymnastics, swimming, and water sports (wakeboarding, wake surfing and barefooting). My goal is to play hockey in college.

-When did you start CrossFit?

– I believe I started in 2014 in December.

-Where do you want to go to college?

– I don’t know where I want to go to college/ I haven’t committed yet.

-What do you want to study in college?

-I want to major in health science and then do two years of nursing school.

-What are your hobbies?

– My hobbies are ice hockey, CrossFit, and wake surfing!

-When did you start skiing/wake surfing?

– my parents had always been into water skiing and we had a ski boat growing up so they taught us to ski when we were young. One of my favorite activities on the boat was boogie boarding (knee boarding) with JP, Julie or Jessi next to me and we would sing songs and spray each other with water on the knee boards and try to knock each other off. Haha you could say we were competitive in everything. I started water skiing when I was 4 years old, my mom would sit in the water with me and tell me to make my skis look like French fries out of the water and when the boat would go she pushed me up and off I would go! From then on, I learned to wake skate, wake surf, barefoot and wakeboard. Barefooting is one of my favorite things to do! I was 5 years old when Lane Bowers, who is a professional bare footer and now does CrossFit, taught my family how to barefoot. It was such a cool experience, who knew you could ski without skis on?

-Who is your favorite band

– I don’t really have a favorite band. (If you are reading this Jason, then my favorite band is Nirvana)

-How do you get so tan?

– I spend majority of my time in the summer outside on my boat, swimming or life guarding so I get extremely dark!


-Why did you start doing CrossFit?

-My brother JP had been doing CrossFit for a while and I always wanted to try it. I was 14 years old and I was playing soccer at the MASA sports complex right next to Old Line. At one of my soccer practices my mom went over to see what Old Line CrossFit was all about. Sooner than later everyone in my family was doing CrossFit except for me. My mom was worried about my knees which always caused me pain from my growth spurt. She just wanted to make sure my knees were 100% when I started. It was getting so frustrating because my family would not stop talking about CrossFit (you know that annoying thing where cross fitters don’t shut up about CrossFit) and I would just have no clue what they were talking about. I kept begging my mom to let me start and then finally she gave in! After my first workout, I was immediately hooked! I was also playing hockey and soccer so I thought I was in the best shape, but at the end of the workout I was like what in the world that just destroyed me! I guess I’m not in shape at all!!

-What is your favorite workout?

-My favorite workout is probably 12 days of Christmas (there is some history to this one). I also love any workout that has gymnastics, burpees, or box jumps.

-What is your least favorite movement?

-My least favorite movements are deadlifting and benching.

-What makes you the best Kuhlman?

-What makes me the best Kuhlman hmm I do not know the answer to that question.

-Who is your favorite CrossFitter?

– Well I have 2 favorite male cross fitters Dan Bailey and Mat Fraser. My two favorite female CrossFitters are Sara Singmundsdottir and Katrin Davidsdottir. My dad, mom, sister, Jessi and I were dropping in at New England CrossFit, where Katrin trains. It was possible she would be there but we didn’t think we would run into her. While the coach was talking about the workout, I looked over in the parking lot and saw bleach blonde hair, and I was whispering to Jessi like OH MY GOSH JESSI JESSI ITS KATRIN BE COOL, ACT NORMAL, LOOK STRONG. After our workout, we got to meet her and Ben Bergeron (her coach). She was so sweet and we got a picture with her! That was the best drop in experience ever!!!!

-What is the biggest change you have seen since you started CrossFit

– when I first started CrossFit I was power cleaning 55 pounds now I can squat clean 165. When I look at pictures before CrossFit I am amazed because my body has gained a lot of muscle and it’s a good feeling to see that my hard work is paying off.

-What is your favorite protein?

– I do not drink any protein shakes, but I love steak!!


-What is your biggest CrossFit fail?

– my biggest CrossFit fail was in 2015 on Christmas Eve for the 12 days of Christmas WOD. I was super excited for this workout because I wanted to see how I improved from the year before. My first mistake was not eating any breakfast, not drinking any water but drinking an iced coffee. About a half hour after the workout I got a second coffee and began to see stars, everything was blurry, and I had a pounding headache. I had a few sips of Pedialyte but the next thing I know I’m lying on my floor barely able to keep my eyes open and throwing up. This was when we decided to go to the ER and miss church. I ended up extremely dehydrated and just needed an IV. So, I learned my lesson that hydration and eating something before workouts is VERY important.

-Who is your idol?

– I have three idols, my older siblings, JP (25 years old), Julie (23 years old), and Jessi (20 years old). Having them as siblings was the best thing that ever happened to me. They taught me that if I want something, I should earn it. They taught me if I make a mistake to shake it off and move forward. Everything we did was always a competition between each other. I was always working to keep up with them and I appreciated them pushing me to the next level, literally in everything because it’s always a competition with the Kuhlman’s.

-How grateful are you to Jim and Patti?

– words cannot describe how grateful I am for my parents. I forget how fortunate I am to have parents that sacrifice so much for me. I do not know any parents that are willing to drive their daughter to hockey practice 2 hours away in Pennsylvania 2-3 times a week and get home at midnight. That is excluding traveling on the weekends, which usually meant going to Canada, New York, Connecticut, Boston, New Jersey or Michigan for tournaments. You’re both willing to put my needs before yours and I take it for granted how lucky I am. So, thank you mom and dad, I would not be where I am today without you guys.


Awesome work Jacy!!