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Athlete of the Month February 2017– Jeff Rowlett

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I walked in to Old Line exactly a year ago, completely out of shape and honestly didn’t really know what the hell I was getting myself in to. I just knew I wanted to get in shape, that I hated the “big gyms” and figured why not try something different.

It was humbling going through the on boarding classes with Dave and to realize that my big ass had a lot of work to do but I was going to do it! I signed up for a year contract immediately, thinking if I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it! I love the fact that the WOD isn’t posted until the night before and most of the time I don’t even look at it until I’m on my way to the Box anyway.

For about the first three months, I literally lived by the motto “as long as I don’t die today.” Which has changed to “Get out of your comfort zone and push yourself harder!”

6 months in I clipped the box on a 30” box jump and broke my ankle. I initially got really depressed b/c I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to lift for eight weeks, but Jason & Kyle got creative and were able to keep me in the box and adapted to the walking boot.

Over the year since I started I’ve dropped over 50 pounds, added a bit of muscle and have improved my endurance but there’s still a long way to go! I’m definitely not great at anything in here but I’m definitely not as terrible as I was a year ago! I’m psyched to see where it goes in the next year!


Congrats Jeff!