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How to do 5 hours of Cardio in Less than 10 Minutes

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car·di·o–ˈkärdēō/ nouninformal noun: cardio

cardiovascular exercise.

(Basically death)

by: Elizabeth Shear


Over Christmas, I decided I wanted to get a Fitbit again. These things are awesome. The fitbit tracks your steps, reminds you to breathe, monitors your sleep, and my favorite- it keeps a watch on my heart rate. I am always interested in gathering more data from workouts and the fitbit has done a great job at providing this.


Workout 1- January 18th

10 Rounds for Time:

4 Power Snatch

8 C2B

Rest 1min in between rounds


Workout 2- January 20th

Every 10:00 for 30:00

12 cal assault bike

10 burpees to a plate

12 cal assault bike

10 burpees to a plate


Workout 3- January 21st

W/a partner

100 cal row

75 hang power clean

100 box jumps

75 thrusters


The data I collected was from these three workouts. All three of these workouts were personally demoralizing in their own separate way. To give some perspective, workout 1 took me a little under 15 minutes to do, workout 2 took me about 8:00 to do, and workout 3 took nearly 17min to complete. Below are the graphs pulled from fit bit so show my heart rate from the day.


To put it in perspective, each of these days I woke up at the same time, I ate the same breakfast, I worked out at the same time and I also worked a taproom shift following my time at the gym. I wanted all factors that I could control to be the same each day. Each of these days my peak heart rate reached up to 168BPM- my normal resting heart rate is 58-60BPM.


What’s incredible is that on the days during workout 1 and 2 I continued to spend an hour in the “fat burn zone” after our workout. Both of these workouts were a little longer, and I recovered relatively quickly.


Now, this is my favorite part, on the day with the shortest workout. I mean I literally did about 2:45 minutes of work every 10 minutes- this workout stole my soul. I knew that it called for short all out sprints and I did just that- when the workout was over I had about 10minutes to gather my feelings off the floor and head to work. While at work I realized my heart rate was still elevated- my mind wasn’t right until I went to bed that night and tried to sleep away the memory of that WOD. When I woke up the next morning to check out the data for the day though, I had spent 5 hours and 53 minutes in the fat burn zone. That was 5 times as long as the previous days and the workout was only half the time domain.


What I love about this is that it shows that even though you may see a sub 10-minute workout on the WOD board with no sexy weightlifting movements beforehand doesn’t mean you should just phone it in and not show up or put in sub-maximal effort. These are the days you should show up and show out. Push yourself to your maximum capacity and then keep going, because these are the days that matter. These are the days where results are made. And these are the days that you get to log five hours of cardio in less than ten minutes.