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July 2017 Athlete of the Month– Terri Triggs

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Back in September 2016, I saw a video on Facebook for women wanting to lose weight and I was reaching that point of desperately needing to change my lifestyle, so I opened the link to the “New You” challenge.  I should thank the marketing team for this video because it showcased women my age and size taking part in the program and because of that, I called for an appointment.

I think the hardest part was committing to the appointment, but once I did I was hooked thanks in part to Liz Shear who was there to greet me and talk about the program.  I must admit I was still a bit intimidated when I walked in and saw the amazing looking athletes “working out” – but Liz with her confident personality and comedic persona assured me that we are all athletes of the mind and everyone’s routine is individually different for your own self-goals and achievements.

That meeting gave me the power to reach deep into my soul and find my own individual goals, and I had three when I started the 6-week New You program:

  1. Lose weight;
  2. Increase my flexibility for my golf game; and
  3. Take what I learn to my current gym (how hard could it be)?

In the first week, my 3rd goal changed, I knew I didn’t want this to end and I knew this place, this program, the people and coaches of Old Line were just the incentive I needed to solidify what I want to do when I retire, which is to teach golf.   Old Line is more than just a place to get your “workout” in, it’s a home, a team of support, encouragement, challenges, and strength in all forms, and provides the discipline that most people just don’t have (me for sure).  Because of this community, I have met and will continue to meet my goals. So far I’m down 42 lbs, have burned away over 22 inches, and my new-found flexibility has greatly improved my golf swing.  Over the last 7 months I feel like I have been a walking billboard for Old Line, people are in awe of my transformation and their obvious question, how, where, who – and the obvious answer “Old Line Crossfit” – not a gym, a family that believes in you and your objectives for a better you.

I think the most rewarding part of my commitment to Old Line was the day my daughter Brandi (now a member) saw me get out of the car from class one day; she was looking through the window with my granddaughter Laken and she yelled “Wow Laken, look at GG, sexy mama” and in that very moment asked if she could join me on a Saturday class, my answer “no” let’s get you signed up for the “New You” and like me she was immediately hooked and my journey now includes my daughter.

I have learned that being last is sometimes being first like “death by power cleans”, that the smallest accomplishments are the biggest; like taking your knee to the ground on a lunge for the first time in your life or reaching that 50 SU without stopping. These little things become the most important in your journey.

I will be 49 in October, I am extremely honored to be selected as Athlete of the Month, just another facade of Old Line’s motto that athletes come in many shapes, sizes, strength, and agility – it’s the mind and spirit, and your commitment to success that makes you the “Athlete” you want to be. I often post my progress and give thanks to Old Line, and am always challenged with, “it’s all you Terri and your hard work”, but without our amazing coaches who all bring a different style of “atta boys,” I wouldn’t be where I am today. I would have given up if it wasn’t for their engagement and partnership to keep me on the path to a better me. I love how they know when I can challenge myself and when I can’t.

Old Line is my future and I will continue to promote the addicting atmosphere the coaches and members bring to such an extraordinary place for health, fitness, and support for anyone searching for a “New You”!

Congrats Terri!