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July Athlete of the Month: Kayla Cawthon

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When I started CrossFit in May 2016, my life was going through a lot of changes. My husband was deployed, we had just had #weebabyclare, #lchammer had finished school, and we were prepping for a move from Oklahoma to Maryland. A few of the girls from my church had joined a moms and tots class at the CrossFit gym in town. Eventually, I joined them. I was hooked immediately! I was awful, but I knew I could get better, and having an hour to “myself” really helped with all the things I couldn’t control with my kids, husband and the army. The first morning in Maryland, I walked into a gym near my parent’s place in Harford County. I was happy there- and their recommendation for Old Line was how I got to join this incredible family. From my very first classes, the people were so friendly and were really interested in making us better athletes. (Athletes, man, that still is such a weird label to give myself. I played 2 years of soccer, and aside from that I was probably the laziest kid on my block- but here we are training like athletes!!) Since I started at Oldline- the progress that I’ve seen has been surreal. Mentally, I’ve been able to lessen my anxiety: to the point, I no longer am dependent on anti-anxiety medication to help manage the symptoms, instead, the time in the gym helps clear my mind and keeps things in perspective a bit more. Physically, I’ve been able to PR every lift probably twice since I came in on Halloween 2016. With the help of my friends from OL, I’ve been able to lose 35lbs- and with that, I’ve been able to better help my husband not stress about pt tests since he eats what I fix 🙂 Crossfit has brought out a side of me that I didn’t even know wanted to come out. I feel in control, and know that whatever #momlife throws at me- I can conquer: carrying 80lbs of kids through the rain so their feet don’t get soaked (check), hauling salt for the water conditioner (check), knowing that if I killed the WOD I can handle this temper tantrum (check)! Thank y, u Oldline members and coaches- each of you have pushed me to be someone I am proud of; and been people I am proud to allow to be a part of my life, and my girls lives:)


Congrats Kayla! You Rock!