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May Athlete of the Month – Denise Weiss

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Talking about myself is somewhat difficult for me. But here it goes!!

Like most people, the first step of my fitness journey was the hardest for me. Just moving was hard. This first step was to quit smoking which has now been 25 years. WHOOP! WHOOP! During that time I gained a tremendous amount of weight and had trouble breathing. I decided to join Weight Watchers and work on my physical fitness. I also joined a local Gym where I participated in classes and circuit trained with weights. Once I reached my goal weight with WW my husband was very generous and gave me a 6 month, twice a week sessions with a trainer. She was fabulous, she showed me what I was capable of and helped me to realize my strengths. I also started cycling outside with my husband and friends on the weekends where I progressed to riding on the open highway. Then, went on to do organized Century rides.

For the last 2 years I have been a member at Old Line Cross Fit. Boy, has it gone by fast. I want to thank Karen Schulden for asking me to come and what she said was “drink the cool aid”. I was quite intimidated the first time I came.  But after the 1st week it was obvious I found a home. Everyone giving 100% of what they have to the cause which is Fitness! I did not realize what “drink the cool aid” meant till about a year ago. Some days I think I don’t want to come however, realizing what it does for me keeps me coming back.

The organization, the group of athletes, young and old and my “Chick fit “ladies are the best. Always supportive, with maybe just a smile, high 5, or a “you can do it”.

The reason Cross Fit is a good match it is a different type of experience for me. We each strive for our individual improvements, as well as acknowledging others achieving their goals. Where else can you go and see and experience that. Kyle, Dave and Jason are quite the trio, love when they coach Chick Fit. Erika thank you for the patience during the challenge, I learn a lot! Steph you are the best!

Being somewhat active for the last 40 years I have seen a progression to where I was, and where I am today, and still where I want to be. Although faced with some physical challenges throughout my journey – 5 years ago I was diagnosis with CAD “Carotid Artery Disease” and this past winter I had surgery for melanoma – I have not stopped working on my goals and have never been healthier, happier and content as I am today. My core values of health and fitness are what motivate me to continue. No matter what I am hit with genetically, I am still on the move and Cross fit helps me keep going!

Finally, something that I have learned in the last 2 years is never to say again “I Can’t”, because I’ve learned “I Can”!!!!