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#MindsetMonday: Walk Forwards, Backwards

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Too often in life, we focus on “what’s next”—our next deadline, PR, trip, goal…you name it! We are all so focused on the next part of our life that we forget to reflect on where we have come from. In talking with a friend the other day, we talked about always moving forward but doing so with the past in mind—walking backward to move forward. So here is my challenge to start your week: 

Take some time today to look back on your past 6-months to a year. Where were you then? Where are you now? These small snapshots of your life can help you reset your bearings or give you the motivation to keep pressing on the same path towards your goals. Hopefully, life is on an upswing for you! If so, stop and be thankful. Look back and celebrate your past victories today, turn around tomorrow and start knocking out more goals to a better you! 

If you don’t like your current trend, then today is your day to reset and plan some new short-term goals. As we’ve talked about in the past, set foolishly small goals. These seemingly insubstantial wins will begin to pile up over time. Focus on the next few days and no more than the next week ahead. Repeat over and over. Small wins can move large mountains in your life. 

Reflect and be great 🙂 

Kyle F