Success Stories


At Old Line CrossFit, we’re in the business of changing lives through CrossFit here in Severna Park. So when we hear great member stories like these, we literally box jump for joy! We hope you’ll be our next success story.
  • Kristin Murnane

    Before starting CrossFit, I was in the worst shape. I hadn’t exercised in two years. I thought that CrossFit was really intimidating before starting at Old Line. There was no way this was something that I could do.

    Now I’m feeling great! I actually like it! Great group of people, great atmosphere. I like the variation in exercises, but I really like the diverse community. There are both young and old people here. I’ve lost weight – about 10 pounds, but more importantly, I feel more positive about myself and I have more energy now.

  • Justin Perdun

    Awesome box, hidden gem, legit programming and coaching staff. Good family feel even first day in.

  • Zak F.

    Where do I begin? This was an amazing buy. I was a little on the fence about trying CrossFit in general, but I am very glad I did it. Dave, one of the co-owners, was amazing at the intro sessions, communicating via e-mail. The people who go to the gym are amazing and very supportive. I found the workouts very intimidating because it was something new. The trainers are awesome especially, in my opinion, Tony (retired Drill Sargent) and Erika, who is a former soccer player for UMD. In my experience, these two trainers made me feel like I could do the workouts on a regular basis and made me feel confident after a workout, although I did test their patience sometimes. No two sessions were the same for me. Tony and Erika have been doing CrossFit for years, but when I first started I did not get any condescending looks of frustration or looks of laughter even though I gave them many reasons to laugh. I deliberately waited to write this review. I wanted to make sure I got the full experience before vouching for this gym. I have attended about three times a week for three weeks and am in my 4th week of the Groupon. I am so glad I bought this Groupon because now I will join Old Line CrossFit. For those who think I am making this up, you are more than welcome to attend a free class that Old Line offers and get a workout with either Tony or Ericka. Now I need to cancel my other gym membership, I’m sure that will be a workout in itself.

  • Tammy H.

    I was looking for something to motivate me to get fit again after moving back from overseas three years ago. I had originally thought CrossFit was for muscle heads, but I found out that it was actually for everyone! It is really a lot of fun! My favorite part of my CrossFit experience is this facility. The environment at Old Line CrossFit is really supportive. You challenge yourself every day. I have lost 9 pounds and 7 inches since I started and I have really started to gain back my confidence and really believe in myself. If you’re thinking about trying CrossFit, I say DO IT!

  • Chackeia Ragin

    I was into fitness before starting CrossFit, but I decided to branch out and try some CrossFit classes. I visited other boxes in the area and they left me with a bad impression of CrossFit. They weren’t welcoming. I came to Old Line and I noticed that the coaches at Old Line really cared about me. My favorite part of my CrossFit experience so far is seeing myself grow and get stronger. I am back in my size 4s and overall have more energy! If you’re thinking of trying CrossFit, I say don’t listen to the stereotypes, just try it and I guarantee you’ll be hooked!


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