Success stories from local Millersville members

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  • Angela D. Before Image
    After: 136 Lbs


    Drop In Body Fat

    Of Muscle Gained

    Angela D.

    I was always active and in the gym regularly. However, I got bored doing the same old "treadmill routine" and machines at the gym every day. I felt like I was wasting my time. Once I joined CrossFit, I saw an immediate improvement in my strength so I deci...

  • Chuck T. Before Image
    After: 181 Lbs


    Drop In Body Fat

    Of Muscle Gained

    Chuck T.

    I was active and played college sports back in the day. After graduating, I had the usual life events transpire and my health took a substantial back seat. From work, to my wife, and spending time with my kids I never really found time to make it in to th...

  • 50lbs Down in One Year

    "Over the year since I started I’ve dropped over 50 pounds, added a bit of muscle and have improved my endurance but there’s still a long way to go! I

    jeff rowlett
    Jeff Rowletts success story
  • Jessica M. Before Image
    After: 128 Lbs


    Drop In Body Fat

    Of Muscle Gained

    Jessica M.

    I can't thank Old Line enough for the workouts and diet program they constructed for me. I feel like I have my own fitness entourage that helps me take all the guesswork out of looking and feel the way I want to. Kyle and Taylor are great and always h...

  • Consistency Above All Produces Results

    "The one bit of advice I would provide for anyone considering CrossFit is to take advantage of the extensive knowledge each of the coaches at Old Line has.

    kevin holbert
    Kevin Holberts success story
  • Small Wins Create BIG Victories

    "I have learned that being last is sometimes being first like “death by power cleans”, that the smallest accomplishments are the biggest; like taking y

    terri triggs
    Terri Triggss success story
  • Trey P. Before Image
    After: 169 Lbs


    Drop In Body Fat

    Of Muscle Gained

    Trey P.

    I thought CrossFit wasn't for me, until I finally gave it a try on a Free Saturday class. I've been hooked since the first workout, and I don't plan on every looking back. The coaching staff there is knowledgeable, motivating, and professional. Not su...


We know walking through the door is the hardest part. You take the first step and we’ll meet you where you are.


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Day 1: You Take The First Step

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Today is the day you take the first step. Schedule your “Day One” Experience now.

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Day 2: Meet A Coach To Talk Your Goals

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Meet with one of our world-class coaches to discuss goals and programs.

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Day 3: Find A Plan That Suits You

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We offer a variety of plans to meet your needs and your goals. One of our coaches will help you select the plan that works best for.

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Day 4: Togethter we start the journey to a happier, healthier you.

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We will help you learn the fundamentals of being fit. You will get set up with our Nutrition Coach who will outline your custom meal plan to really kick your results into high gear!


Days 5-15: Our Fundamentals Program

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Now that your nutrition plan has been set, it’s time to start learning how to stay safe and progress while AT the gym! Watch a sample session [HERE]


Day 21: Midpoint Check-up

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At the 3 week mark, we want to assess how your ‘Foundations Program’ is progressing. Meet with our accountability coach to ask questions, get answers, and make a few tweaks to fully realize your potential!

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Day 30: A Healthier, Happier You

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Congratulations, you’ve been with Old Line CrossFit for 30 days and it’s been a great 30 days. You’ve already completed a couple of your fitness goals!

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Day 45: Ahhhmazing YOU

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Congratulations on doing great work and investing in your long-term fitness goals. It’s not easy, but you’re accomplishing a lot already, so keep the ahhmazing effort (and good times) rolling. You’ll meet with our Accountability Coach one last time as part of your Foundations Program!

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Day 60: 60 Days Of Fitness

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By coming to class you’ve learned to do things you’ve never thought you could.

We want to celebrate YOU — reaching your milestones, pushing toward your potential, achieving a PR (personal record), and so much more!

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Day 90: A Transformed Life

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It’s been 90 Days, you have made tremendous progress where you never have before. Clothes fit better, people are taking notice, and your confidence is sky-high. The best part: you’ve only just begun to realize everything we can do for you at Old Line.

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