Our facility has all the equipment and amenities you could want

From indoor and outdoor rigs to full showers, we've got the equipment and amenities you want from a gym.

Expansive Space. Modern Amenities. Superior Equipment.

Everything you need, under one roof.


Old Line stands out due to our superior equipment and amenities. We offer a wide range of unique equipment, including logs, sleds, a leg press, Hay Squat Machine, GHDs, Reverse Hyper, outdoor and indoor rigs, as well as Peloton Bike and Peloton Treadmill. This equipment sets us apart from other gyms, providing members with diverse and effective training options.

Moreover, Old Line boasts a 14,000 square foot facility, which is significantly larger than most gyms, offering ample space for workouts and various activities. Our commitment to member comfort is evident with full showers, bathrooms, and amenities for getting ready, ensuring a convenient and pleasant experience.

Enjoy full showers and bathrooms

We offer in-demand, ``get ready`` ready amenities like full showers and bathrooms, a large lobby space and 14k square feet of ample space.

Welcome To Old Line CrossFit

Our gym’s lobby space is another added perk, creating a welcoming environment for members to relax and socialize. Old Line’s coaching staff is highly experienced and dedicated, going above and beyond to help members achieve life-changing results.

We emphasize the importance of holistic well-being, encouraging healthy eating and exercise, and offer custom programming exclusive to Old Line, ensuring members receive tailored workouts to meet their fitness goals.

Furthermore, Old Line prides itself on fostering a strong community, providing a supportive network for everyone, from beginners to seasoned “CrossFitters.” With over 100 5-star Google Reviews, our facility and staff have garnered widespread acclaim, making us a trustworthy choice for anyone seeking exceptional fitness experiences. If you’re looking to unlock your mental and physical well-being, Old Line is the place to be.

A Look at Our Facility

Browse images of our facility, equipment, and offerings in the gallery below.